Thanks for an informative piece! Clapping is something that has mystified me for a while. Just to clarify, are you saying that if we clap overzealously (especially for Member articles), Medium might start to get suspicious and reward writers less? Now I think I might be guilty of “overclapping,” but I genuinely love the writers in our group and want to show my support! Also, your article confirmed something I’ve long felt intuitively — that reads and engagement (comments/highlights) count more than claps alone. That’s why for the “Medium experiment,” I actually read every article before I give claps. If I click on a link and then immediately click out or don’t at least scroll to the bottom, I’m afraid it will hurt that reader’s stats or my claps won’t look “legit.” Correct me if I’m wrong. My way of doing things might be slow and inefficient, but I DO read every article and administer my claps for Medium Monday (I’m also lucky enough to usually have a long bus ride on Mondays)!

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